Why am I being asked to pay more at the delivery country?

Each country of export/import have their own rules and regulations on all goods entering and leaving their country.

Every shipment is subject to customs clearance (usually most significantly at the point of import i.e. delivery country), as such there might be additional duties and taxes payable on your shipment based on your 'declared value' to have this shipment cleared into the country.

The amount you pay Parcel2Courier is for the freight component of the shipment only, but you or the receiver might be asked for additional duties and/or taxes (such as GST/VAT) which is usually a percentage value based on the declared value you gave your shipment.

We advise to please check the rules and regulations of your destination country prior to sending your goods to avoid any surprises.

Any customs and/or duties charges are usually billed to the receiver (in the delivery country) before any goods are released to them.

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