Air Express

Air Express deliveries are the fastest way to get your freight from one place to another. Their name refers to the method of shipping between the courier collection depot and courier delivery depot, as shipments are sent by air for this part of their journey to get to their destination as quickly as possible. There are 3 types of services we offer;



Transit times are usually extremely fast with deliveries (especially when going interstate) as quick as overnight, but this way of sending goods can increase the cost of freight, especially when items are heavier!

Rest assured courier companies still do their best to get Road Express deliveries to their destination ASAP, and they still receive the same tracking points along the way as all other shipments.

The standard tracking points for an Air Express parcel are:

  1. Freight Collected
  2. Received in Depot (collection)
  3. Received in Depot (delivery)
  4. On-Board for Delivery
  5. Delivered


Just sending locally? Parcel2Courier we can also offer you other extremely fast methods of shipping your parcels locally:



We always recommend to keep hold of appropriate photo evidence (clearly showing the weight and dimensions of each piece) when shipping, so that you can prove your weights and dimensions. Otherwise any inaccuracies would be billed after the freight has been delivered. See our surcharges page for more information.

Please make sure all freight sent via Air Service are sent in accordance with security safety, and do not contain any dangerous goods – as this may result in items being returned to sender (at additional cost).

Sending parcel by courier overnight delivery by air