Collection and Delivery Delays


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Any estimated collection and/or delivery dates shown are not guaranteed, they are provided as being guidance only of a best estimate for shipping during 'standard / off-peak' freight demand. 

Freight which is sent during periods of higher demand, and/or freight which is non-standard i.e. heavy (over 20Kg), bulky or over-sized freight (more than 120cm) are usually subject to longer transit times due to manual handling requirements.


Non-Metro Addresses: Please note that each courier we work with has a different courier network which they operate, and they all have different boundaries as to what the deem as metro / non-metro.

When collecting from or shipping to non-metro addresses your parcel could well be collected / delivered by an agent or sub-contractor of your chosen courier, and as such this might cause an additional delay to the collection or delivery of your parcel.


Non-metro Collections: We try our best to display accurate information when you are placing your pick up request, but please also be mindful of non-metro collection addresses which can mean a parcel might not be collected until a day later (sometimes more) than booked due to the time it takes for the courier to notify the agent to perform the collection on their behalf.

Unfortunately we are also not able to confirm a specific collection time slots for such addresses, and these will generally be on a 9am to 5pm collection run.


Non-metro Deliveries: For some rural addresses it might not be possible to offer a full door to door service. In rare circumstances it might be that your parcel is delivered to a central delivery location for that particular delivery address (such as a roadhouse). Unfortunately, due to the many couriers we work with and the limitations of their systems, we are not always aware of such deliveries issues until the point of delivery.


For any specific shipments enquiries or requirements please get in touch with Parcel2Courier before sending so we try to assist you as best as we can!