Cubic Volume Calculator

Every item sent will be given a ‘cubic weight’ in Kg. This is a calculation based on the dimensions of each item sent i.e. looking at the item as a ‘cube’. Each parcel that is sent will be charged based on the higher of the physical ‘dead’ weight of the parcel vs the ‘cubic’ weight of the parcel.

For example something that weighs 2Kg but sent in a big box with a cubic weight of 20Kg, will be billed at 20Kg.

Use the calculator below to enter the dimensions of your parcel to see what the ‘cubic’ weight of it is, and compare this to the actual weight of your parcel to see how it will likely be charged:



We strongly recommend you take some photos of each piece of freight against a tape measure to prove the dimensions (length x width x height), and against some scales for the weight! For more information click here

Cubic weight will include any loose items on the outside of your parcel, such as; loose packing tape, tears in the packaging, or any bulges in the middle of the box. Make sure to include these measurements (or secure them down!) to avoid any surprises for a surcharge bill of additional weights and dimensions as the cubic volume of your parcel can quickly increase with just a few CM extra on each side, so be as accurate as you can and keep proof!


Warning on 'oversized' / 'overweight' / 'over-length' items:

  • Parcels that are oversized / overweight / over-length may cause considerable delay and/or damage to both yours and other people's parcels.
  • Please be aware that oversized / overweight / over-length items are subject to additional charges as determined by the carrier, and will be invoiced separately post delivery once determined by the courier if not declared at the time of processing your shipment.
  • Please be aware that oversized / overweight / over-length items are not covered when sent using our service, unless they are declared beforehand.