'Guaranteed By' Timed Delivery

Need it delivered by a certain time?

Have certainty that your parcel will get there in time! We offer a service to guarantee that your parcel will not only receive 'Next Day' delivery, but it will also be handed to a priority driver to make sure it is delivered prior to a guaranteed delivery time of your choosing.

Depending on the delivery address, we can offer a 'guaranteed by' delivery time of;

  • 9am,
  • 10am, or
  • 12noon

If by any slim chance you item is delivered even 1 minute past this guaranteed time then we will refund you for the premium paid for this service, and you will only be billed on a 'Next Day' service.

If you just need it to reach the delivery address by 5pm, then our 'Next Day' service will be what you are looking for

Feel free to Contact us to find out more, or get a courier quote now


*Please do check the estimated transit times for your shipment when getting a quote, as some areas of Australia such as remote / non-metro areas may require additional delivery time.



We always recommend to keep hold of appropriate photo evidence (clearly showing the weight and dimensions of each piece) when shipping, so that you can prove your weights and dimensions. Otherwise any inaccuracies would be billed after the freight has been delivered. See our surcharges page for more information.

Please make sure all freight sent via Air Service are sent in accordance with security safety, and do not contain any dangerous goods – as this may result in items being returned to sender (at additional cost).

'Guaranteed By' Timed Delivery