Excess Luggage / Personal Effects Shipments

Brought too much on holiday? Moving overseas? Working holiday over?

We've helped countless people with shipping their excess luggage and/or personal effects either locally within Australia, or to/from one of the 150+ countries we can service around the world.

The process couldn't be more simple, and with our International door to door courier partners all you need to do is let us know the weights and dimensions of each piece you are shipping (make sure you include in your declared dimensions any extra CM's for straps / handles / wheels etc which might stick out if sending a suitcase or bag).

Then using our online checkout you complete a few address and contents details, after payment is made we will produce the shipping labels and customs documents you need to get your shipment on the way - yep, our couriers will come to your front door and collect from you and take the items all the way through to the delivery address.

It is worth noting the following;

- The courier collection drivers might ask to see your contents, so make sure you are aware of this before sealing up your goods too tightly.

- Each country of export/import have their own rules and regulations (and sometime additional fees) when shipping goods internationally, even if you have owned them for some time, so please check as to whether you can ship prior to sending.

- You will make payment to us for the freight (courier) component of the shipment, and whilst most countries will allow personal effects free of charge (with proof they been owned by you for over 12 months) into their country without further duties, it's worth checking the rules for your intended country of import (i.e. delivery!) to make sure you are aware prior to getting a nasty and unexpected bill for duties payable.

- Additional Import Duties may be payable based on your own 'declared commercial value of goods' during the checkout process.

- You might be surprised at what isn't allowed to be sent (such as perfume), for a variety of reasons, but don't send anything that's prohibited! Check out our listing here which contains the most common items prohibited, but always also check your country of import for any specifically prohibited items they might list prior to shipping. 

- All shipments are sent via Air Services, and most deliveries around the world can be as little as 1-4 days globally (subject to customs clearance)

- When completing your shipment online, it's always best practice to send a shipment which is addressed 'from' yourself 'to' yourself (even if you are not at each address at the time), as it then doesn't appear like you are selling the goods to a third party.

Having read the above it might seem a little complex, but we've made the process as easy as possible for you - so if in doubt please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to assist with any questions you might have!