Advice: Collections

Here are some useful facts about courier collections which might help you get your freight away quicker, and understand some common delays;

1. Have your parcel ready! Make sure you have packaged it, and all shipping documents are printed well before a collection driver comes to collect.

2. Drivers won’t call you beforehand – even if you request it.

3. Drivers can’t wait because you are ‘just 2 mins away’ or ‘let me print out the labels’ – this just ends up causing delays for other people’s collections and deliveries.

4. Have a difficult address? access issues? front gate codes?... then let us know. Drivers won't have the time to play hide and seek to find you, or work out gate code combinations. If they can't find you easily they will likely just leave as they have a tigh schedule to follow to be able to collect and deliver everyone's freight.

5. Requested pick up dates and times are sent to the courier company, however they are requests only and we can’t guarantee them. Collections may be outside these requests as courier services completed during standard business hours which can be anytime between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

6. Most collections tend to occur in the afternoons, especially metro collection addresses.

7. Requesting an early close time could mean your collection is rejected if a driver doesn’t think they’ll get to you before your close time. If you are open until 5pm, don’t put down you close at 3pm - doing could mean the driver may not attempt collection.

8. Non-metro addresses can be quite complex to book and can vary significantly depending on many factors such as how rural the collection location is, the size of freight etc. Your collection might also involve the courier using a local agent to collect on their behalf, and they may not your addresses every day. If your order is processed past a rural cut off time, the collection agent will usually attempt when they’re next in your area, which could be the following day.

9. Certain couriers will not collect unattended freight for security reasons or in case the wrong item is taken, so please ask before you leave items out unattended for collection.

10. If your parcel is not collected as expected please reschedule a new collection using via your shipping documents email, or by contacting Parcel2Courier. Missed collections are not automatically re-booked.

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