International Couriers

Do you need to ship a parcel overseas, and looking for an international courier quote?

Let Parcel2Couier help you out with your international courier quote! We work with international door to door courier companies, which means that your parcel will be collected directly from your front door in the collection country, then shipped internationally, and finally delivered to the required address in the destination country.

We ship your parcel internationally by courier, and most locations are serviced with 2-5 business days from collection. (excluding weekends and public holidays).

All international parcels are scanned at multiple events during the course of their travels so you'll know exactly where your items are, and you'll be amazed at how fast they get to their locations!



Whilst most shipments travel with no fuss, the added complexity of international rules means there are a few things to be aware of;


- Excess Luggage / Personal Effects: 

If you plan to send personal effects shipments (i.e. suitcases, moving home etc) then please see our international excess luggage and international personal effects shipments section for some more detailed information.


- Oversized item fee:

Any dimension(s) over 119cm would incur a 'over-size item' charge, and this will be charged on each piece of freight with a single dimension above this threshold. This charge is built into the charges shown to you online if you correctly declare your dimensions above this figure of 119cm, however if you under-declare and the courier scans the items as bigger, then you will receive an invoice post shipment for this charge for each item over the threshold. Currently this charge is $120AUD per item.


- Customs Clearance and Import Duties:

Our service includes standard customs clearance processes, however please note that you need to be aware that the receiver of the parcel may additionally be required to make a payment for 'import' fees, duties and/or taxes based on your declared value of goods, and as per the rules and regulations of the 'import' country i.e. the delivery country.


- Additional Documents:

You might also require specific documentation and/or permits for import depending on the goods, and the rules of the country of import. So it might be worth checking prior to shipping otherwise you could find the goods held up in customs. (Any return charges to country of origin would also incur new delivery fees for the return journey back top the original address).


- Pallets?:

We are able to accept a pallet of goods internationally, however please be aware there may be charges for an 'un-stackable pallet' which means a pallet which is marked 'fragile' and/or unable to be be stacked on top or under another pallet. This fee can be significant ($250+), and will be billed and incurred after the freight has been delivered, so please ask in case of any questions.

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