Road Express

Road Express deliveries make up the majority of all freight that is sent as it's a great low cost way of shipping from A to B. It refers to the method of transit between the courier collection depot and courier delivery depot, as shipments are placed in cages and transported by road for this part of their journey. 

Transit times are usually a bit slower than Air Express deliveries (especially when going interstate) but this is counteracted by the much cheaper freight pricing.

Rest assured courier companies still do their best to get Road Express deliveries to their destination ASAP, and they still receive the same tracking points along the way as all other shipments.




The standard tracking points for a Road Express parcel are:

1. Freight Collected

2. Received in Depot (collection)

3. Received in Depot (delivery)

4. On-Board for Delivery

5. Delivered


Here are Parcel2Courier we also offer other faster methods of shipping:


Shipping by road freight using couriers