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  • To avoid your own frustration, damage/loss and potential surcharges - please make sure you are not sending items by our courier services which we list as not being able to be sent. These include things such as pre-built furniture, unpackaged items, poorly packaged items, loose objects (such as tyres, engines etc). All freight must be properly packaged by the sender before the driver comes to collect. Read our full prohibited and restricted items listing. If in doubt, get in touch with Parcel2Courier first!
  • When quoting your freight above, please make sure you are entering the weights and dimensions of the final packaging, not just the contents.
  • To use this service you will need to print and attach a shipping label we generate for you. When printing and attaching the shipping labels, putting a tiny piece of sticky tape on 1 side of the label will not suffice. If you do this it's highly likely the label will come off during transit and your item will probably end up unlabelled and lost. Our advice - tape over the whole shipping label so it can't come off (or get wet). You can't use too much tape!