Advice: Shipping Labels

Sounds simple, right? How hard can it be to put a shipping label on a box? But you’d be surprised at what we see some people do! 

All courier shipping documents are available immediately online and also sent by email for printing to the collection email address. It is your responsibility to print out and only use these exact documents, making sure to remove any old labels on your boxes 

There’ll be a separate shipping label to print out for each parcel, which are barcoded slightly differently so that every parcel can be individually identified along the way to delivery. Any other documents are signed and handed to the driver.

Your shipping label is your golden ticket to a successful collection and delivery. You must do all you can to make sure you attach it correctly, which means;


1. Print everything well before the driver arrives.

The driver won’t have time to wait for you whilst you go off to print documents when they’re at your door. This causes delays with other collections and deliveries for everyone else. Futile collections might incur additional charges.


2. Fully cover the whole shipping label with clear tape, not just around the edges

Don’t just put a tiny bit of tape around the edge and expect it to arrive! If you attach the label incorrectly it’s quite likely your label will get ripped off during transit, or become wet. If this happens your parcel will be unmarked and end up lost with thousands of other similar looking un-labelled parcels. Disaster!

We can’t say it enough: Please fully tape over the whole shipping label so it can’t come off, nor get wet.


3. Attach your label smoothly and crease free to the outer packaging. You need to make sure it can easily be scanned, and it’s not all lumpy and bumpy.

Give the courier a chance, attach your labels with care!

Advice: Printing Shipping Labels