Advice: Not the sender?

You’re wanting something collected by courier and brought to you? Not a problem!

Being the organizer of the freight and the one paying the charges there are some things you’ll need to watch out for, as it will be you (not the sender) that could potentially billed any for mistakes caused by your sender / contact at the collection address if they do not follow our required shipping process.


  • Make sure they have appropriately packaged the freight ready for transit. Insurers will not cover inadequate packaging, and couriers will not collect unpackaged items. Check out our video on how to package freight for more information.


  • After you have processed your shipment online please immediately contact the person at the collection address by email / phone to make sure they have both received AND printed out the Parcel2Courier shipping documents. They must print out well before the collection driver goes to collect. Surcharges can be billed to you if the driver arrives and the freight is not ready.


  • You will ultimately be responsible for the declared freight weights and dimensions, even if you are just relying on information you have been told. Always ask your contact at the collection address for photo evidence to confirm weights and dimensions before you process the shipment - we even allow you to upload this once you have processed your order. (See our advice on measuring your parcel for more detailed instructions).
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