What can I send or can I not send internationally?

Your goods will be sent by plane as unaccompanied baggage / parcels, as such they are subject to some very strict rules for obvious reasons.


There are a lot of items which might seem fine to be sent (such as perfume or items with batteries) however all these items pose a significant risk for various reasons, and will be denied transportation from the country of origin (collection country).

Please see our dangerous, prohibited and restricted items listing to make sure you are not sending anything that will cause your items to be returned back to you.

All parcels maybe be requested for visual inspection at the time of collection by the driver, and will always be scanned in the depot.

If they contain anything that is not permitted they will be returned to your original collection address (at cost), and you will be required to remove any prohibited goods and process a new shipment to have them exported again.


Please also make sure that the items you are sending are permitted into the country you are sending to - there may be items which are not permitted by local law or religion, and the goods will not be permitted to get customs clearance.

You might also need an import/export certificate for some goods, so please check this prior to shipping goods. It would be your responsibility to hold such documents if required, and if you do not hold the appropriate paperwork you risk having your goods either returned to sender (at the cost of a new shipment) or disposed of locally.

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