Things I should look out for to avoid additional charges?

Make sure you type in the correct weight AND dimensions. Prices are calculated based on the volume (cubic) weight of items as well as the actual weight. In many cases the volume weight is more than the actual weight.

All items will be scanned by electronic equipment during transit and the ACTAUL weight and dimensions will be calculated. If the declared weight and dimensions are incorrect then an invoice will be payable for the additional charges.

Measurements are taken from the MOST EXTREME POINT on each dimension, for example if sending a suitcase you must include the extra measurements to include the 'handle' and 'wheels', not just measure the suitcase.

To check the volumetric weight please see our Cubic Volume Parcel Calculator, and also see our advise on Freight Surcharges for further information.

Remember, if in doubt please contact us for advice before sending your items.

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