Can I get a refund for a late delivery?

We don't like to hear your parcel was late, and it's very rare that items are delivered late, however due to many factors involved in the transportation of your parcels - 'ALL' delivery times are given as estimates only.

Unfortunately if an item does arrive later than expected we would be unable to provide you with a refund simply because we are unable to get a refund from the courier companies (which is as part of their terms and conditions).

The only exception to this is if you have paid a for one of the following TNT 'Guaranteed By' services;

  • 9am EXPRESS
  • 10am EXPRESS
  • 12noon EXPRESS

If your parcel was sent on one of these 3 TNT services and it is not delivered by the time selected on your guaranteed by service, then we will be able to secure a downgrade in service by TNT to the same charge as an 'overnight express' freight charge.

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