As this is an ever changing situation with the position on Coronavirus (COVID-19) the following is subject to change at short notice:


As of 3rd April 2020

Freight is still travelling through all networks, however there are some delays noted.

Further, we have been informed that any 'Overnight / Air' services will not benefit from service downgrade compensation caused by service delay i.e. if there is a delay to a delivery ETA on a shipment that is booked on a 'Overnight / Air' service, we are currently unable to seek compensation from the courier if the freight does not arrive to the delivery address on the ETA date as expected. All efforts are being made by the courier to adhere to delivery dates on such services, and they still receive priority treatment, but due to numerous changes in domestic flight schedules delays may occur.


As of 24th March 2020

All couriers we work with are operating their networks within Australia (and overseas), however it is advised to us that there may be some delays to both collections and/or deliveries depending on the specifics of your individual shipment, subject to the network route that is required to be taken between collection and delivery.

As such, we would ask that any delivery estimates that are displayed are to be taken as a 'best case' estimate only, and these estimates are not to be relied upon as a 'guaranteed' delivery date. Similarly, whilst the couriers will work to the best of their ability to collect items on the date requested, you may also experience delays in collections. If your freight is not collected on the date it was booked for, please get in touch with Parcel2Courier ASAP so we can re-book this for you.

We have been advised that for safety and protection of all, many couriers may now try to deliver item unattended after notifying their presence at the delivery address i.e. by knocking, this is to minimise contact between persons. Again, this is determined on a case by case scenario by the chosen courier.

We are also currently aware of some delays to Overnight / Air Express services which is due to a decrease in available flights within Australia to be able to move freight. These services will still receive priority over Road Express services, however they might experience delays.

If you have any concerns or questions in regards to your shipments, or need to reschedule a collection, then please get in touch with us at