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Restricted and Prohibited Items

Dangerous Items

Please take time to read the following lists to make sure your items do not fit into these categories - some of these are obvious but others you may not know about. E.g. Deodorant cans are not allowed as they can explode during transit in certain environments they may be exposed to.

'Prohibited Items' = Items which are completely prohibited from being sent via our services.  

'Restricted Items' = Items which are unsuitable be sent,

It is your responsibility to make sure your shipment does not contain any Prohibited or Restricted items. Any Insurance (Extended Warranty) paid for would become void, and no claims would be payable.  Further you may also incur additional fees, fines and/or prosecution.


The following items are strictly prohibited from shipment, and must not be sent through our services under any circumstance.

Any of these items being sent may result in prosecution, heavy fines and imprisonment.
No transit cover or guarantees whatsoever will apply to these items even if paid for during the checkout process.

  • Aerosol cans / sprays
  • Animal skins / Furs / Any Animal Parts including but not limited to meat / ivory and ivory products
  • Any box with a ‘Hazardous’ label attached (avoid re-using old boxes)
  • Any item that requires collection online auction websites without prior authorisation from Parcel2Courier, except eBay purchases
  • Articles of exceptional value (eg, works of art, antiques, precious stones, gold and silver)
  • Cheques or Tickets
  • Dangerous goods - eg Explosives / Fireworks / Christmas Crackers / Radioactive Materials / Deactivated or Replica weapons and Munitions / Firearms / Swords / Knives / Weapons
  • Dry Ice
  • Engines / Generators / Gearboxes or any part containing or having contained oil / petrol. (Unless professionally cleaned)
  • Fire Extinguishers / Life Jackets
  • Food items (perishable foods) / Perishable goods
  • Furniture that is not flat-packed - Please see restricted items list
  • Hazardous materials e.g. Paint / Adhesives / Chemicals / Flammable resins, solvents, liquids / Compressed Air / Items containing any gases - See Also Household goods
  • Household goods containing flammable or corrosive liquids, such as oven or drain cleaners / perfume, aftershave / hairspray / nail varnish and remover / antiseptic wipes.
  • Human Remains / Body Fluids
  • Live / Dead animals
  • Magnets or items containing ferro-magnetic material
  • Money, Coins, Keys, Negotiable items / Payment cards / Birth Certificates / Driving Licences / Stamps
  • Plants / Seeds / Flowers
  • Pornographic materials
  • Prescribed Drugs / Medication
  • Tobacco and tobacco products of every descioption
  • Unpackaged items or poorly packaged items which would open during transit
  • Wet, Dry, Metal Or Lithium Batteries Or products containing these items. (Exception - can be sent via TNT Road Express, please contact us for details)


The following items are deemed unsuitable for shipment by our services, and are therefore restricted. Any of these items being sent may result in surcharges, delays or confiscation by authorities where appropriate.

No transit cover or guarantees whatsoever will apply to these items even if paid for during the checkout process.

  • All living animals and/or creatures of every description
  • Automotive Panels
  • Flat-packed Furniture - items should be boxed with internal packaging, and protection on corners
  • Food produucts of every description (whether perishable or not perishable)
  • Perishable goods such as, but without limitation, pharmaceutical products.
  • Fine Art. 'Fine Art' means paintings, etchings, pictures, tapestries and other bona fide works of art, valuable rugs, statuary, marbles, bronzes, rare books, antique silver, manuscripts, porcelains, rare glass and bric-a-brac, collections of books, mixed periodicals, photographs, slides, clippings and other articles of a similar nature including furnishings.
  • Deeds and/or securities and/or treasury notes and/or any other cash equivalents and/or tickets and/or vouchers and/or stamps and/or duty stamps and the like.
  • Household Goods Removals (Domestic - including all personal effects)
  • Monitors / Computers / Printers (unless sent via TNT Technology)
  • Speakers & Amplifiers (unless sent via TNT Technology)
  • Televisions / Plasma & TFT Screens, Monitors (unless sent via TNT Technology)
  • White Goods - e.g. fridges, ovens (also known as range, stove, cooking plate, or cooktop), microwaves, dishwashers, washing machine, air-conditioning units etc. (unless sent via TNT Technology)
  • Wine, Beer & Alcoholic Beverages of every description
  • Jewellery and/or watches of every description
  • Precious Metals. “Precious Metals” means silver, gold, platinum, palladium, iridium, osmium, rhodium, and ruthenium.
  • Precious Stones. “Precious Stones” means diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.
  • Semi-precious Stones. “Semi-precious Stones” means amethyst, aquamarine, aventurine, carnelian, garnet, lapis Izauli, opal, pearls, rose quartz, topaz and tourmaline
  • Glass / Fiberglass / Acrylic / Mirrored items / Corian / Crystal / Ceramic / Fibreglass / Porcelain / Plaster / Marble / China / Stone / Slate / Resin / Granite / Carbon / Concrete (or any item containing these materials)
  • Designs and / or patterns and / or plans and / or manuscripts and all other documents inc but not limited to Passports